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Why Should I Attend When I Could Do This Myself?

The blunt answer is "because you won't". Why would something change now when it hasn't in your business life so far? The problem is that even when we know what it is we should change, it is still very difficult to make it happen.

The Time Accountability Implementation program is a highly effective blend of instruction, exercises and evaluation that delivers very practical knowledge and resources to participants.
The program utilizes a highly successful and proven accountability structure that takes advantage of the peer groups methodology. Steve Davies reinforces this accountability with follow up coaching to ensure that participants implement their time management plans.

Participants who have been through the program have saved, on average, at least 10 hours a month that they can spend on more productive activities. If your time is worth $300 an hour when you are working at your peak, these additional 10 hours translate into $36,000 a year. This is incredible return on the time and money that you will invest in the program.



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Most people have a “To Do” list to record the tasks they need to "Get Done", but it doesn't help identify what you shouldn't do yourself. For that you need a “To Don’t” list. Identify the culprits, put them on the list and defend your time by assigning them elsewhere.