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To Don't List

To Don’t List

To sharpen your Time Edge you have to stop doing the things that are below your pay grade, the things that don’t belong in your day. Eliminating these things requires a behavior change that will challenge you, and like all behavior changes it requires discipline. The key to overcoming this difficulty successfully is to separate thought from action – separate the identification from the execution.

Studies have shown that people most often fail to act when they think simultaneously about the result they want and the actions they will need to take to accomplish it. The actions that need to be taken are often complex or uncomfortable, and trying to resolve the “how” can make it all too easy to decide that the “what” is just too overwhelming. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. The key is not to try to do the whole thing at once, and the Time Edge process is essentially the same as one you would use for developing written goals. Effective goal setting relies on setting aggressive goals and then developing plans to accomplish them.

Activity elimination works the same way, and the To Don’t List is where you write down  your elimination goals. It is only when you have listed these goals that you start to think about how you will accomplish them, and the two steps are completely separate.

Creating Your List

When you register in one of The Time Edge Time Gain Workshops you will be enrolled in the program. Using the To Don’t List button you can log the activities that you identify as being those you want to plan to eliminate. We will add them to your To Don’t List and give you a login where you can review your list and start creating plans.


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Did you know ?

Most people have a “To Do” list to record the tasks they need to "Get Done", but it doesn't help identify what you shouldn't do yourself. For that you need a “To Don’t” list. Identify the culprits, put them on the list and defend your time by assigning them elsewhere.