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Program Takeaways

 Identify your best time of day and plan your day around it                                              
 Review whether commitments made are bringing in a return                                                                                               
 Calculate the value of your time
 Identify where you are working below your pay grade
 Unmask Time Bandits - things that don't belong in your day
 Change how you manage phone calls
 Get on top of e mail - use rules and folder organization
 Manage people interruptions better - don't be available all the time
 Create a daily quiet time where nobody is allowed to interrupt you
 Develop a really effective "to do" list - and augment it with a "to don't" list
 Measure how you are really spending your time and review the results
 Create written activity-elimination plansp>


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Did you know ?

Everybody has about three hours during the day when they are at their best. Figure out what your "Prime Time" is and then plan your day around it. Make sure that you dedicate that time to focus without interruptions on the activities that are of most value to you.