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Program Takeaways

 Identify your best time of day and plan your day around it                                              
 Review whether commitments made are bringing in a return                                                                                               
 Calculate the value of your time
 Identify where you are working below your pay grade
 Unmask Time Bandits - things that don't belong in your day
 Change how you manage phone calls
 Get on top of e mail - use rules and folder organization
 Manage people interruptions better - don't be available all the time
 Create a daily quiet time where nobody is allowed to interrupt you
 Develop a really effective "to do" list - and augment it with a "to don't" list
 Measure how you are really spending your time and review the results
 Create written activity-elimination plansp>


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Did you know ?

Most people have a “To Do” list to record the tasks they need to "Get Done", but it doesn't help identify what you shouldn't do yourself. For that you need a “To Don’t” list. Identify the culprits, put them on the list and defend your time by assigning them elsewhere.