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As part of the process of developing your "Time Edge" there are a number of different resources that you can use. We keep these pages regularly updated and you can pick up a great deal of current information from this section.


We investigate and review the best books around the subject of personal accountability and  "Time Management". Some are traditional, and some have a new twist around the topic.


To keep up with the latest research, thinking and techniques, we are continually looking for online articles that can help make people better informed and more effective.

Tools and Websites

Tools and mobile applications to help your time execution more effective are springing up all over the place. We research what's out there and review some of the better solutions available.   

Steve Davies

Steve Davies is the creator of The Time Edge. Learn how he can help you through his writing, speaking, events, workshops and programs

Edge Initiatives

Edge Initiatives is the consulting business that Steve Davies runs. Learn about other programs, initiatives and techniques available to help you become more effective in business  

The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board is a membership organization that helps business owners run their companies more effectively. Enhance your personal accountability through group interaction. 


Time Survey

My Biggest Time Management Issue Is:

Most Popular Articles

Did you know ?

Entrepreneurs wear so many of the hats in their business that many of the tasks they carry out are at a level way below the real value of their time. Are you working below your pay grade by not handing off menial tasks that should be done by others?