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Exercises and Techniques

As part of the process of developing your "Time Edge" there are a number of exercises and techniques that we use. We demonstrate them to people who attend our events and seminars and at our workshops and programs we help attendees implement them to gain more time. 

The primary exercises and techniques that we have developed are:

Are You Working Below your Pay Grade [Link to Article]

It is essential that everybody in a business environment understands the value of their time. This exercise takes you through the steps you need to take to come up with a number you feel comfortable is accurate. You can then use it as a prism through which to view all your commitments.  


Time Survey

My Biggest Time Management Issue Is:

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Did you know ?

Entrepreneurs wear so many of the hats in their business that many of the tasks they carry out are at a level way below the real value of their time. Are you working below your pay grade by not handing off menial tasks that should be done by others?