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The Accountability Implementation Program

At the start of the Time Accountability Implementation program, participants take two behavioral assessments designed to help them understand their behavioral style and value drivers. These reports are very helpful in identifying specific time-saving techniques for each participant. .

Participants also take The Alternative Board's proprietary online Business Vantage Program, often referred to as a business MRI. It is an online process audit that identifies key business areas within each participant's sphere of responsibilities where they should be spending more time.

The Time Accountability Implementation program is a three hour group session one afternoon a month for three months. The groups have a maximum of 12 participants and operate like a peer group. The sessions are highly interactive and effective because of the peer group setting.

Participants utilize workbooks to identify how to change behaviors and uncover the areas where they can gain extra time. Each session contains at least two diagnostic exercises to move the time accountability process forward and there are brief but practical analytical homework assignments

Participants also go through Edge Initiatives' proprietary Time Management Index process and log how they are spending their time. Once completed, a report is produced and analyzed with program leader Steve Davies to identify specific areas where participants can gain time.

At the end of the program, each participant will have a private two hour session with Steve Davies to design and implement their specific time saving program. The goal is to gain each participant at least 10 hours a month of additional annual value in excess of $35,000.


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Everybody has about three hours during the day when they are at their best. Figure out what your "Prime Time" is and then plan your day around it. Make sure that you dedicate that time to focus without interruptions on the activities that are of most value to you.