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The articles on this website tell you how to create your Time Edge. The Tips give you practical bite-sized pieces of information that you can immediately apply.  The Time Edge articles are broken down into the following categories:

The Time Edge
You can't manage time, but you can manage the commitments you make. Learn about the egg timer concept and change the grains in the timer. Don't just allow the grains of sand to slip through the egg timer - change them to represent things that are truly important to you.

Time as a Commitment
"Time Management" is not really about time, but it is about management....and how to  conquer the issues that time presents. Understanding time as a commitment means coming to grips with the choices you make about how you choose to spend your time.

Time Bandits
Everybody’s day gets clogged up with things that they shouldn’t be handling that (all too effectively) steal their time. Identifying and eliminating these "Time Bandits" is one of the first and most important steps in changing and improving the time accountability dynamic.

Time Accountability
Learn how to become accountable for your time by changing the things you allow into your day. Identify the things that you have in your day that you shouldn't be doing yourself....and figure out how to eliminate them.

Time Execution
When you take control of your day, eliminate Time Bandits and practice Time Accountability,  to maximize the gain you need to adopt a time management system that works for you. There are a number of different options .... you have to pick one and implement it.

Organizational Time
The final step is driving Time Accountability through the organization. If executives find this  difficult, employees will have even more trouble gaining control. Assuming that they will be able to do so is a leap of faith that is, at best, optimistic and at worst downright foolhardy.


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Everybody has about three hours during the day when they are at their best. Figure out what your "Prime Time" is and then plan your day around it. Make sure that you dedicate that time to focus without interruptions on the activities that are of most value to you.