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About Edge

Edge Initiatives is the brainchild of small business guru Steve Davies. It exists to help executives run their businesses more effectively and offers business solutions that cover most situations faced by owners and executives trying to bring their business to the next level.

Over a lifetime of working with small to medium sized businesses as lender, owner and consultant Steve Davies has identified the seven deadly sins that business owners routinely make.

A custom solution has been developed to address each one:

No Vision for Your Business or Yourself: Strategic Edge
Lack of Financial Management:
Banking Edge
Putting Up With Mediocrity: Edge Hiring Process
Failure To Delegate: Company Tune Up
Life and Work Out of Balance: Strategic Edge
No Succession or Exit Plan: Strategic Edge
No Training in Being a CEO: Advisory Edge


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My Biggest Time Management Issue Is:

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Did you know ?

Entrepreneurs wear so many of the hats in their business that many of the tasks they carry out are at a level way below the real value of their time. Are you working below your pay grade by not handing off menial tasks that should be done by others?